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Dear Patrons,

            We are thrilled to announce that we are planning to reopen on October 15th, 2020. We have been involved in preparations for a long period of time.

    We have contracted with local business owner David Wickersham and his team at First Call PPE and PPM Site Services.   Located here on First Avenue, First Call has been actively cleaning and disinfecting the Coronavirus from Washington DC to New York City and has used every product and process available.   We are excited to announce they will be treating Atlantic Cinemas theaters, restrooms, counters and seats with their BIOGLOVE surface disinfectant. The product is applied with a misting spray gun (fogger) that not only destroys human coronavirus, and other pathogens (e.g. bacteria, mold and fungi). BIOGLOVE leaves an active barrier from additional infection for up to 28-days.   BIOGLOVE has also generously donated their 12-hour hand microbial defense spray and convenient touchless dispensers for our patrons to apply as they enter the theater.   For more information see www.firstcallppe.com

     We are operating the Cinemas differently from previous years. We have built a small stage in screen #1, where we will have small concerts, puppet shows, and comedy shows. Furthermore, we will use this screen for classic movies and screenings of local filmmaker movies and This venue can be used for all types of special events. Screens #4 and #5 will be primarily used for parties that now can be done at any time the client wishes. Specific details will be discussed if a client is interested. Screen #4 is also set up for PowerPoint presentations and makes a great space for businesses to conduct training.

            Screens #2 and #3 will be used to show the most current movies available. Our staff has been trained and will follow all CDC guidelines.

           We look forward to bringing back our entertainment venue for all to enjoy as it has been a staple in our community for almost 100 years.



Fred & Mickey Rast


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