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Dear Patrons,

We are sad to announce the official closing of Atlantic Cinemas. We are closing our family owned business on November 15th, 2020 after 99 years of supporting our community.

We are closing due to greedy film companies, Netflix and others showing films too early or sometimes immediately after release, regulations and fees imposed by the state of New Jersey, including $15 an hour minimum wage and mandatory vacation pay, added into closing for over 7 months imposed by the New Jersey Governor due to Coronavirus, a small, individually owned business like ourselves, simply cannot survive.

We have spent tens of thousands of dollars just to keep theater equipment and buildings maintained, just to spend thousands more to just be open between October 15th and November 15th. Unfortunately, we have spent almost another $10,000 to pay expenses such as, insurance, salaries, property taxes, mortgage and utilities for less that $1000 coming in to the theater for business.

It causes my wife and I great pain to close after serving the community for so many years. It has become a staple in our town, but unfortunately we are left with no choice.



Fred Rast

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